“Yihav kozak z Ukrayiny!” Come and sing Ukrainian songs!
Event Date: 10 -11 листопада, 2018

Cossack girls of “Mamayeva Sloboda” together with pretty women of Folk Song Group “Bozhedary” are inviting you on the 10th and 11th of November, 2018 at 1 p.m. to “Shynok” (restaurant) to join interesting, sincere, spectacular master-class! You will surely feel the Cossack soul, the soul of a nation!

Let’s dance and sing, let’s decorate a sunny day with bright and frank Ukrainian song! You may dive into time-travel – the time of our grannies when they were young girls!

Cossack Settlement “Mamayeva Sloboda” is situated at the picturesque place near the source of the legendary river of Lybid. It’s in 7 km from Khreschatyk – almost in the centre of Kyiv.

Our address: 2, Mykhaila Dontsia, Kyiv. You can take a bus 27 from Petrivka or Shuliavska underground stations or fixed route taxies 433, 427, 201.

Please, book a table in our Cossack Shynok (restaurant) by phone +83(066)091 12 79 or by e-mail mamayevasloboda@gmail.com.

To make you feel real Ukrainian on the 22nd and on the 23rd of September, 2018 you may have the lyrics of Ukrainian song “Yihav kozak z Ukrayiny” with you (the lyrics are written in transliteration)

Yihav kozak z Ukrayiny, | (2)

Ta j zayihav do divchyny. | (2)


Divka dveri vidchynyla, | (2)

Ne toj kozak, shcho lyubyla. | (2)


Dala konyu vivsa yisty, | (2)

A kozaku v krislo sisty. | (2)


“Oj, Bozhe zh mij, shcho ya roblyu? | (2)

Ne toj kozak, shho ya lyublyu. | (2)


Dzvonyat` koni pidkivkamy, | (2)

A kozaky shabel`kamy. | (2)

Welcome to the Cossack village, sing and dance in Ukrainian way!

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Our Address
2, Mykhayla Dontsya Street, Kyiv, Ukraine
It is near the National Aviation University of Ukraine
Public transport
  • 27
    From Pochayna and Shulyavskaya metro stations
  • 433
    From the crossroad of Bohdana Khmelnytskogo and Tereschenkivska Str.
  • 201
    From Shulyavska metro station
  • 427
    From Palats Sportu and Shulyavska metro stations
All transport goes to "Mykhaila Dontsya" bus stop