Corporative event “Family Day”

The Cossack Settlement “Mamayeva Sloboda” is inviting the Big Family of your company to celebrate corporative event in Ukrainian style!

Our territory allows hosting up to 4000 people at the same time!

We propose you to walk along the paths of “Mamayeva Sloboda” and to become the evident of the impressive Horse Cossack Show!

In addition, folk craftsmen will invite you to take an active part in various master classes: to make a  reeled doll, a wax candle, a bird of straw, to make a wreath of herbs and flowers, to ride a horse or a cart, to shoot with Tatar bow, to be involved in fencing on sabers, to work on a potter’s wheel and make a pot or a cup, to visit an active smithy and to become a “blacksmith of your happiness”, to take part in a quest game and to find Cossack treasures near the historical source of the Lybid river. Children will be interested to take part in folk entertainments and games as well as to visit the “House of Fairy-tales” and become one of the characters of the Ukrainian folk tale.

In the cauldrons by the lake, the caring hostesses will cook Cossack kulish (porridge), a delicious fish soup and Cossack herbal tea. Near the Fairground, the piglets will be roasted and fragrant sausage will be baked on the fire. Girls will treat guests with Cossack exclusive strong drink Varenukha, honey wine, cherry and plum liqueurs!

Having tasted dishes and drinks you will have the possibility to sing Ukrainian songs and dance Ukrainian dances in a company with a folk group and folk group musicians.

The permanent residents of “Mamayeva Sloboda” – little lambs, chicken, geese, rabbits, goats, and oxen will make your day special!

We invite all of your big corporate family in our Cossack settlement!


  1. Meeting guests at the entrance with bread and salt
  2. Cossack Horse Show
  3. Master-classes in blacksmithing, pottery, straw-braiding, creation of reeled dolls, candle-making, making of wreathes
  4. Entertainments: horse-riding, riding a cart, bow-shooting, fencing
  5. Fair games: pulling the cable, fair log, folk games
  6. Kids Zone: games, competitions, reproduction of Ukrainian folk fairy-tale
  7. Excursion over the territory
  8. Quest game - In search of Cossack treasures
  9. Merry dances
  10. Cossack banquet

How to order?

Just call:
+380994784130 або
We will plan your holiday individually and satisfy all your wishes!

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