“Water Monday” on the second day of Easter
Event Date: the 29th of April, 2019

The event on “Water Monday” will start on the 29th of April, 2019 at 12:00 with the participation of single Cossacks, Cossack girls from “Mamayeva Sloboda”, and women from the folk group “Bozhedary”.

Folk celebrations will take place next to the well situated near the estate of Churchwarden.

During the celebration of Easter the second day was dedicated to the Holy Virgin and was one of the most interesting.

Therefore, the Cossack Settlement “Mamayeva Sloboda” is inviting single boys and girls to join the merry holiday of the Holy Virgin that was also called “Water Monday”.

In different regions of Ukraine, the second day after Easter, that is, Monday, had a different name: Watered, Watery, Pouring or Dragging Monday. The folk customs were divided into two separate acts, which proceeded independently of each other. First of all, it is “Dragging Monday” – the day when the children gathered in groups and carried bread rolls to their relatives and neighbors. Each child received three little Easter cakes and several Easter eggs from his mother.

Nowadays in many cities and villages of Ukraine,  on the second day of Easter young boys and girls  pour water on each other. They make it in a funny and noisy way, watering everyone whom they meet on their way: grandfathers, women, adult men and women. However, according to traditions, only single boys and girls were involved in the process.

On the day of the “Water Monday” early in the morning before the sunrise Ukrainian girls were going to the wells to wash their faces with blessful water. At he same time, single boys were hiding somewhere in the bushes waiting for the meeting with girls. Every boy tried his best to pour the water on the girl he liked. In return, “the chosen” girl had to present several colored Easter eggs to the boy and to kiss him. In such a way the young people could demonstrate their affection. Therefore, the Day of the Holy Virgin was the day of foundation of a future strong family.

Young girls used to take part  in merry round dances and singing songs. They went to a swing and organized different merry games.  In the evening, the boys and girls gathered on some field. Everyone brought some food and drinks to celebrate the holiday in a proper way!

Cossack boys used to say: “The girls will face their Water Monday!”

Come to the Cossack Settlement! Let us celebrate together!

Christ is Risen! The Cossack Ukraine will be also resurrected!

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