The most romantic holiday – The Day of Kupailo
Event Date: the 6th of July, 2019

 Welcome to the historical source of Lybid river – to the Cossack Settlement “Mamayeva Sloboda”!

Take part in reproduction of authentic holiday of Ivana Kupaila!

The beginning of a holiday in “Mamayeva Sloboda” is on the 6th of July, 2019 at 12:00.

The most interesting part is n the evening – after 19:00.

If you really want to get into the authentic atmosphere of mysteries of our grandmothers and great-grandfathers, then we sincerely invite you to make a journey through the time on the holiday of Ivana Kupaila in the village of Cossack Mamay – “Mamayeva Sloboda” …

When the sun goes down, the Cossacks and Cossack girls will gather at the bank of the romantic lake of Krasavytsia abundantly decorated with white and yellow lilies, emerald Tatar, and fern. There they will set a huge bonfire, the flame of which will reach the three-storeyed building …

In the morning, our grandmothers celebrated “Kupailytsia”. According to ancient beliefs after the rising of the sun, the young “Kupailytsia” wants to meet his beloved “Kupailo” so she stimulates the girls to decorate their homes with wreaths of flowers and herbs. So in the morning the boys and girls were walking to the forest or the river. They chose the most beautiful “bride” and “bridegroom” among themselves. The bridegroom made a deep bow to the relatives of his bride, which were represented by other girls with the boys. Then, holding hands, everyone began to dance around the bride and groom – at first one way and then another.

During Kupailo games and fun, the Cossack girls had their hair loose, which symbolized sadness and mourning: nature died to be born for a new life.

On the same day, they went fortunetelling. The girls collected twelve herbs, among which there were thistles and ferns, and put them under the pillow with the words: “Loved sweetheart, come to my garden for a walk!” The future beloved had to come in a dream.

On Kupailo Day Ukrainian girls used to go to the fields or forests to collect herbs and flowers. They weaved Kupailo wreaths for themselves. The wreaths had to include the grass of wormwood. In addition, girls used to have wormwood with them because it was believed to be protective from mermaids and witches.

Later in the evening, the cheerful girls went to the nearest forest and cut down a tree there. Preference was given to Tatar maple. After that, the tree was taken to the place that they had previously chosen for the holiday, and it was called “Marena”. Then boys brought bunch of straw or sometimes a straw doll of human height, which was dressed in a woman’s shirt with ribbons. This doll was called “Kupailo.”

Having come to the place, they set up tree of “Marena”, put “Kupailo” next to it and set a big bonfire nerby. They used to jump through the fire in pairs – a boy and a girl were holding their hands tightly to be always united. People believed that on Kupailo day the Heavenly Gates are open, so the prays of young people about a strong family will be heard by God.

According to the old believes, on the night of July the 6th, the red-burning flower of the fern blooms. It can be found, taken and saved. The owner of this flower becomes a healer, and no treasure may be hidden from him.

Welcome to “Mamayeva Sloboda”! Try to find Cossack treasures, to sing and dance in a company of Ukrainian boys and girls!



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