Interactive tour “COSSACK KYIV” with degustation of 7 historical drinks
Event Date: the 15th-16th of September, 2018

«Ergo bibamus»! (latin – «Let’s drink!»).  On the 15th and 16th of September, 2018 at 3 p.m. Cossack girls “Mamayeva Sloboda” are inviting everyone to join an English-speaking interactive tour “COSSACK KYIV” that includes degustation of 7 historical drinks!

To get to know more or to get registered for the tour please contact us by phone (066)-091-10-76 or by e-mail

Cossack Settlement “Mamayeva Sloboda” is situated at the picturesque place near the source of the legendary river of Lybid. It’s in 7 km from Khreschatyk – almost in the centre of Kyiv.

Our address: 2, Mykhaila Dontsia, Kyiv. You can take a bus 27 from Petrivka or Shuliavska underground stations or a fixed route taxies 433, 427, 201.

Not far from the central gate of “Mamayeva Sloboda” there is a big mound with a Scythian statue of Mamay on the top. Not far from it, there is a wind­mill – the symbol of peaceful agricultural Ukraine. In “Mamayeva Sloboda” one can see the estates of a Churchwarden, a Cossack-dzhura (Cossack armour bearer), a Sotnik (the Cossacks’ superior), a Blacksmith with a smithy, a Potter with a pottery, a Fortune-teller; a shynok (Ukrainian restaurant), an apiary and a watermill as well – all of them are situated over two rushy lakes cov­ered with water lilies. The estates consist of different buildings according to their household functions. They are storehouses, sheds, stables, cellars, barns, cart-houses, etc. This traditional Ukrainian landscape is supplemented with the Mar­ketplace, the Military chancellery and a Cossack garrison. All over the territory one may meet and feed horses, goats, gees, ducks, chicken, pigs, sheep, rabbits and big  grey steppe oxen that live in natural conditions.

In the center of the architectural ensemble that consists of 98 units a Cossack three-domed wooden church is located. The Cossack church has the name of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin and is similar to the one that was standing at Zaporozhian Sich in the days of Bohdan-Zinoviy Khmelnytskyi.

The objects of “Mamayeva Sloboda” are used by the method of reproduction of the living history according to their original functions – with the aim to popularize and revive the original Ukrainian folk traditions, customs, rites, forgotten labor skills and handicrafts.

Welcome to the time travel – to the world of real national heroes – Ukrainian Cossacks!

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Our Address
2, Mykhayla Dontsya Street, Kyiv, Ukraine
It is near the National Aviation University of Ukraine
Public transport
  • 27
    From Pochayna and Shulyavskaya metro stations
  • 433
    From the crossroad of Bohdana Khmelnytskogo and Tereschenkivska Str.
  • 201
    From Shulyavska metro station
  • 427
    From Palats Sportu and Shulyavska metro stations
All transport goes to "Mykhaila Dontsya" bus stop