Horse Cossack Show – the best stuntmen show in Europe!
Event Date: the 11th and 12th of October, 2018

On the 11th and 12th of October the best stuntmen in Europe will demonstate their skills on horses!

Near the central gate tourists will be met by Ukrainian girl dressed in Ukrainian outfit of the 17th – 18th centuries. Guided by her, they will travel over the pathes of “Mamayeva Sloboda” (English-speaking tour).

The open-air museum includes 98 objects.

You will visit Cossack church, smithy, shynok (restaurant), the estate of fortune-teller, sotnyk (Cossack superior), churchwarden, djura (Cossack armour bearer), smith and potter. The household buildings host big grey oxen, horses, sheep, pigs, goats and other domestic animals and birds. White Ukrainian houses surrounded by green gardens will transfer you to Cossack times. All the elements of interior of Ukrainian houses can be surely touched and held in hands. While traveling along the bank of lake Krasavytsia near the historical source of Lybid river you may feed carps or turtles. Domestic animals will also like being treated.

After the tour the guide will lead guests to arena where they may see breathtaking horse show (stunts of Cossack riders on horses).

Two variants of program:

The cost is for one person. Please, book your tour in advance.


In traditional shynok (restaurant of Cossack times) you may order banquet or complex lunch menu (please, order meals in advance).

Welcome to the Cossack settlement – a real land of Ukrainian heroes!

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