“Cossack Kyiv” – winter program of vacations in the Cossack Settlement “Mamayeva Sloboda”.
Event Date: December 2018 - January 2019

We invite you to celebrate New Year’s and Christmas holidays near the source of the legendary Lybid River in the Cossack settlement “Mamayeva Sloboda”! Gather the whole your family, take your best friends and visit winter “Mamayeva Sloboda”!

In the winter period, the houses in “Mamayeva Sloboda” are especially fabulous! Let us remind you that in each farmstead, namely: the churchwarden, the Cossack djura, the fortune-teller, the blacksmith, the potter, the sotnyk, the shynok (restaurant) of the Jewish shopkeeper there are real gray oxen, rabbits, sheep, pigs, goats, geese, chickens, ducks, and, of course, horses … You and your children, if you wish, can go along the paths of the Cossack village, ride a horse with the assistance of Cossacks, make a shot using the Tatar bow, taste the Cossack porridge named kulish cooked in in the open fire in one of the estates. Besides, accompanied by Cossack girls, if you want, you can study and sing the carol songs and shchedrivky (New year songs), as well as bake honey cakes in a real oven in the Ukrainian house.

During your trip to “Cossack Times” you and your family can try historical dishes prepared according to the recipes of the 17th-18th centuries in the “Shynok – The Scythe over the goblet” (restaturant). Moreover, you may order:

At your request, we may make up an individual program for your family, relatives and friends in the fabulous winter “Mamayeva Sloboda”!

To order a program and find out about holiday details in the Cossack village, please call: 066-091-12-79; 068-952-58-84; 044-361-98-48; or send a request – irynams2010@gmail.com

Attention! The program is made individually, according to the wishes of the customer.

We would like to remind you that the Cossack settlement “Mamaeva Sloboda” is located at the address: 2, Mykhaila Dontsia Street, Kyiv that is, practically in the heart of the capital of Ukraine, only seven kilometers from Khreschatyk Street!

So, we invite you to the fascinating journey through the time – to the Cossack settlement! You and your nearest and dearest will be able to make sure that Ukraine is an ancient Cossack country. In the middle of the seventeenth century, the French cartographer Guillaume les-Veser de Boplan said that “Ucraina Terra Cosacorum” – “Ukraine is the land of the Cossacks”.

Congratulations on coming holidays!

Come to the Cossack settlement and have fun in a Cossack way!

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