Cossack Kolodii (Masliana) in “Mamayeva Sloboda”
Event Date: 9th and 10th of March, 2019

Everyone knows that Russian “Maslienitsa” is celebrated with pancakes and burning of scarecrow of winter. But do you know about Ukrainian traditions of that holiday? Do you know what people used to eat and what they used to do these days?

The week before The Great Fast in Cossack lands had the name of “Women’s Week”, Masnytsia, Masliana, Syropust. However, the most popular name of the holiday was KOLODII.

To get to know more about ancient Ukrainian traditions on the holiday of Kolodii, come and celebrate it in the Cossack Settlement “Mamayeva Sloboda”.


The holiday will take place on the 9th and the 10th of March, 2019 starting from 12-00.

Both on Saturday and Sunday at 3 p.m. every guest at the holiday will be able to take part in the competition “Ukrainian dumplings (varenyky) against Russian pancakes”!

Some historical facts:

In 1850 an outstanding Ukrainian ethnographer Markiian Markevych described the traditions of the holiday in the newspaper “Peterburzhskiye Vedomosti”: “At the end of February Masliana comes. Women celebrate Kolodii – they come to single boys’ and girls’ houses and tie a little log to their hands or legs as a punishment for not comming into marriage till the day. This log can be taken off only for some ramsom. At the end they celebrate with varenyky (dumplings) with sour-cream – the main dish on Masliana.”

They used to say “Varenyky, wait – Masnytsia will come for you!” or “Even Turkish eat varenyky on Masliana, we will do it for sure!”

In addition to varenyky with cottage cheese, Ukrainian women used to cook different milk-and cheese dishes. In such a way they were trying to say “good-bye” to dairy products before seven weeks of the Great Fast. At these time Cossacks were looking for their beloved because during the Great Fast they could not get married.

The name “Kolodii” was derived from the wooden log (koloda) – the main instument of punishment for single boys and girls.

If you want, you have all the chances to reserve a table in shynok (Cossack restaurant) by phone number: 066-091-10-76.

Come to the Cossack Settlement and celebrate Kolodii (Masliana) in Ukrainian way! Visit a big Fair and buy a sovenir for you memory, take part in folk master-classes in making a reeled doll or a candle, try a big dish of varenyky (dumplings) with cottage cheese, sing and dance with folk group girls and folk group musicians, try your skills in bow-shooting, riding a horse or a carriage and feel the atmosphere of Cossack Ukraine!

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